The German parliament (The Bundestag) decision on the boycott movements is a bias towards occupation, settlement and racial discrimination

The Palestinian National Council (PNC) deemed the approval of the German Bundestag (the Parliament) on the bill of resolution condemning the Palestinian international boycott movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions ‘BDS”) an anti-Semitic movement, and encouraging, supporting and blindly condoning the occupation, settlement and racial discrimination practiced by Israel against the Palestinian people over 71 years ago.

In a statement released today, PNC stressed that democratic parliaments must be in line with international law and resolutions of international legitimacy, as well as the people’s rights and justice, and should give a hand to the peoples oppressed under occupation, and not to be devoted to the occupation, but to be obliged to moral duty of fighting the occupation. Democratic parliaments should not defend occupation’s crimes, injustice and oppression of the rights of peoples to freedom, dignity and security.

PNC deeply regrets that the German legislators have succumbed to the pressures, lies and allegations that are not built on real basis but presented as a propaganda of the supporters of the Israeli occupation in Germany against the international movement BDS, the movement which peacefully calls for an end to the Israeli occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories, and the establishment of the independent state of Palestine, and the Palestinian people access to all their rights in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy.

PNC called on The Bundestag to rescind the above-mentioned German Bundestag law and declare immediately its support for the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, the establishment of an independent state on their land with Jerusalem as its capital, and demand the German government to recognize the state of Palestine, and the pressure to end the racial Israeli occupation, instead of criminalizing the free people in the world who believe in the values of freedom, justice and reject injustice and occupation.

PNC called on international parliamentary unions, especially the European Parliament, the Arab and Islamic parliamentary unions and the free world parliaments, to pressure the German Bundestag to repeal its unjustified decision and law on the BDS movement, which supports the rights of the Palestinian people to resist occupation and to live freely and in dignity, and to support freedom and justice value worldwide.

The PNC represents the supreme authority of the Palestinian people in all their places of residence. It sets PLO policies and plans to achieve the goals of the Palestinian people for self-determination, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of refugees to their homes.After Al-Nakba (catastrophe) of 1948, the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine, headed by Haj Amin Al-Husseini, decided to call for the convening of a Palestine National Council which met in Gaza in 1October 1948, which was the first Palestinian legislative authority to be established in the Arab state of Palestine. The Council then formed an all-Palestine government headed by Hilmi Abdel Baqi, who represented Palestine in the league of Arab States.The first national conference was held inJerusalem on 28May -2June 1964. This first National Council had 422 members, declared the establishment of the PlO, which represents the leadership of the Palestinian Arab people. The most important of which is the Palestinian National Charter, the Statutes of the Organization and others, and Mr. Ahmad Al-Shukairy was elected Chairman of the PlO.

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