PNC on the International Day of Peace: The Israeli occupation of Palestine threatens international peace and security

Palestine National Council (PNC) called on the United Nations, the countries of the world and their parliaments to work hard to achieve peace for the Palestinian people, who are subjected to the Israeli occupation and its colonial settlement policy, which constitutes an imminent threat to international peace and security, That the occupation denies the guaranteed, protected and inalienable rights of Palestinian people.

In a statement on the occasion of the "International Day of Peace" approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981, and which the world celebrates on the 21st of September of each year, PNC said: It is the duty and responsibilities of the United Nations, especially the Security Council, to take practical and immediate measures to implement its decisions on the Palestinian issue, so that the Palestinian people may enjoy security and peace in their independent state, with the city of Jerusalem as its capital.

PNC said that the only way to deter the occupation and protect our people from crimes and aggression on its land, its holy sites, detainees and prisoners, will only be achieved by activating the tools and mechanisms of international accountability against the occupying government and all its arms in the occupied Palestinian territories, and by binding the occupying power to the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, and successive international legitimacy resolutions Including Security Council Resolution 2334 of 2016.

The actions of the occupying government on the ground and the statements of its leaders rejecting peace and the resolutions of international legitimacy, especially its Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, require a firm international response and rejection, PNC added, these actions reaffirm the insistence on implementing the settler colonial plan in the occupied Palestinian territories, instead of ending the occupation, which is the only condition for peace and security in the region.

PNC concluded its statement by emphasizing the right of Palestinian people to struggle and resist occupation, and that peace, security and stability in the Middle East will not be achieved unless the Palestinian people are empowered with all their rights to self-determination on their land, and their return to it, and the right to live in security and peace in their independent state in accordance with the relevant international legitimacy resolutions.

The PNC represents the supreme authority of the Palestinian people in all their places of residence. It sets PLO policies and plans to achieve the goals of the Palestinian people for self-determination, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of refugees to their homes.After Al-Nakba (catastrophe) of 1948, the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine, headed by Haj Amin Al-Husseini, decided to call for the convening of a Palestine National Council which met in Gaza in 1October 1948, which was the first Palestinian legislative authority to be established in the Arab state of Palestine. The Council then formed an all-Palestine government headed by Hilmi Abdel Baqi, who represented Palestine in the league of Arab States.The first national conference was held inJerusalem on 28May -2June 1964. This first National Council had 422 members, declared the establishment of the PlO, which represents the leadership of the Palestinian Arab people. The most important of which is the Palestinian National Charter, the Statutes of the Organization and others, and Mr. Ahmad Al-Shukairy was elected Chairman of the PlO.

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